09/12/2016 Endings….

Final Update from the field 09/12/2016 Endings….

It’s the last day and time to say our goodbyes. We’ve reached the golden number of 960 treatments this trip.

Phil, Emma, Judith, Alison, myself and the team have shared this experience to contribute to a unique social, charitable and health enterprise.  It’s been interesting and rewarding and challenging and funny – and a genuine privilege to be part of.
We have met some truly wonderful people – patients, Ashram residents and staff alike. Coming from the West, we take our health for granted. In the UK the NHS is our safety net. Here, if you have no money, you have no health care at all.
But acupuncture has the power to transform people’s health and we’ve experienced that in the most immediate way. We’ve spent only two weeks here, but we can see the difference it’s made to people’s lives. There are a lot of people whose quality of life has been restored and that’s the reason we came.
And whatever we’ve given, we’ve received back in spades.
For those of you who have read this far, who donated and followed our experience, your generosity has made this possible.
Thank you.
Hari Om.
By Rita Shamia


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