How We Do It


World Medicine is managed by a board of trustees, staff and volunteers who give their time and expertise for free. World Medicine projects are often part–funded by volunteers fundraising for their own flights, food, and accommodation. Equipment is generously donated from UK suppliers.

Our practitioners are fully qualified in their chosen fields, and include acupuncturists, massage practitioners, herbalists, homeopaths, osteopaths, healers and naturopaths.

The World Medicine Charitable Trust support partnership working and have established strong collaborative relations with well recognised organisations in the host countries.

All World Medicine projects are decided upon by the Board of Trustees where there is clear evidence of a need in the country requiring assistance and support.

Teams of volunteers are recruited and selected and receive training before undertaking a project whether in the UK or Overseas. A full de-brief with qualified counsellors on return from the project is also offered. A Project Leader is assigned for each project.

Monitoring and evaluation reports for all projects undertaken are a necessary requirement and this is jointly managed by the Project Leader and World Medicine Administration.


In the beginning some people suggested that it would be pointless travelling abroad to treat patients for just a couple of weeks. Whilst the results of the projects so far suggest this is not the case, it is of course better to provide sustainable projects where patients can receive ongoing repeated treatment.

The concept of proverbially ‘teaching a man to fish’ is high on World Medicine’s agenda. In both Sri Lanka and more recently in Gaza, World Medicine volunteers have taught auricular acupuncture to local physicians – who can then use it to treat both their patients, and themselves.

This work is considered to be a priority for future projects and research is currently being carried out to maximize its impact.