Below are blogs written by volunteers when they are on a project.


Final Update from the field 09/12/2016 Endings.... It’s the last day and time to say our goodbyes. We’ve reached the golden number of 960 treatments this trip.  Phil, Emma, Judith, Alison, myself and the team have shared this experience to contribute to a unique social, charitable and health enterprise.  It’s been interesting and rewarding and challenging and funny - and a genu [ ... ]

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Update from the field 08/12/2016  The Clinic We’re almost a week and a half in and by the end of the two weeks, we estimate we’ll have done around 900 treatments. Yesterday alone we did 123 between 5 acupuncturists assisted by interpreters and helpers. Keeping a multi-bed clinic working efficiently while multi-tasking is key. Diagnosing, needling, doing moxa or using the heat lamp, the  [ ... ]

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Update from the field 06/12/2016 Not lost in translation…We completely rely on our Gujarati speaking interpreters to make the link between us, and our patients. Not only what they say, but, sometimes to provide context to what they say. Cultural understanding is as important as language in places like India. As western acupuncturists, we rely on a number of clues to help us form a diagnosis,  [ ... ]

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Update from the field - Chaparda 2016 29/11/2017 Hari Om 
You hear it all the time ‘hari om’ is a greeting that everyone here at Charpada says to each other with their hands facing together as in prayer. It has a more spiritual definition, but for us visitors, it’s just a lovely form of blessing. Always accompanied by a beaming smile and a slight bow.  I arrived at  [ ... ]

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Update from the field - Chaparda 2016 04/12/2016 - Men's Clinic  Phil Montgomery is our team leader.  It’s his third time volunteering in Charpada so he’s pretty much earned his stripes and is now a Trustee of World Medicine.  Phil works in the men’s clinic. Due to cultural sensitivities, male practitioners can only work in the men’s clinic, while women can work in bo [ ... ]

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