Case Studies

The following two brief case studies are examples of how differently patients may present in another culture and setting. The vast majority of people seen in Chaparda attend with musculoskeletal problems, so these cases were interesting variations for the team to treat and reflect upon.

The symptoms, history and understanding needed for these cases offered a positive challenge to the team and widened their experience in a number of ways. In addition, working in a setting where the intensity of treatments (up to 6 or more per person in 10 days), is so different from practice in the UK, offered further insights.

In these cases, and many others seen, this intensity of treatment elicited positive outcomes. However, they also illustrate how valuable more regular visits to the centre would be to ensure more ongoing support.

by Alistair Booth (2015) Background. Male, 60 years old. The patient was one of the first to receive a treatment during this project. He had had laser eye surgery 12 years ago on his left eye, which had been unsuccessful, to a point where he had lost his sight and subsequently the eye itself. His symptoms upon arrival were tremors in both his arms and legs with associated pain in all four  [ ... ]

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by Alistair Booth (2015) Background Male 24 years old. This patient works in the hospital, but his actual role was unclear. This young man had been around during the project last year (2014) and had kept on appearing in a different role in the clinic rooms.  When team members tried to establish who he was or if he worked for the hospital, they were told that he had a violent temper, was ea [ ... ]

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