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Working Overseas

Most World Medicine overseas projects are based on 10 day interventions and are often located in insecure environments. The level of commitment by World Medicine to minimise risks as much as possible and ensure volunteer security is a top priority. In order to do this we carry out the following procedures:

  1. All new volunteers receive pre-project training that includes information about the different environments, security rules, roles and responsibilities of World Medicine volunteers.
  2. All volunteers sign a declaration that shows that they have fully understood the specific risks and the chain of responsibilities including their personal responsibility.
  3. World Medicine staff and the Project Leader are responsible for carrying out risk assessments and the follow up of appropriate actions in order to minimise risks as much as possible.

Volunteer Requirements

If you are thinking of volunteering with World Medicine the list below shows some of the skills and requirements you will need:

  1. The ability to work closely with others as part of a close-knit team.
  2. The ability to work under pressure.
  3. The ability to work flexibly and under conditions which will likely be very different from normal day to day working conditions.
  4. To be in robust health (working under adverse conditions with a different diet, and different living conditions can put a significant strain on health).
  5. Willingness to raise the necessary funds to cover costs (this amount will be specified at the preparatory stages of the project).
  6. Willingness to accept decisions made by the World Medicine project leader.
  7. Be fully qualified in the appropriate therapy.
  8. Be insured to practise overseas.
  9. Willingness to provide support for other team members if required, and to ask for help and support if necessary.
  10. To adhere to and sign the World Medicine Code of Conduct.
  11. To have read and agreed to adopt the World Medicine Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding policy.
  12. To attend a World Medicine training day prior to a project visit.
  13. To follow the World Medicine diagnostic decision making process.
  14. To sign the World Medicine Child Protection Policy.
  15. Be a member of a professional body
  16. Willing to subscribe to the Nolan Principles of Public Life (see

If you wish to discuss any of these requirements or require a copy of the application form, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.